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arch between two smaller arches—all three,, as well as their bracket capitals, now partially built up.    There is a door framed in verd antique in each end bay of the narthex.    Like the outer narthex the esonarthex is in five bays? and was paved  with  marble  in a similar  fashion.      But while its other bays are covered with cross-groined vaults the central bay is open to  the gallery above> and is overhung by a drum dome.    The gallery was thus divided into two parts by the open central bay^ and both gallery and narthex were lighted by the dome.    The exterior of this dome is twelve-sided3 with flat angle pilasters and level moulded plaster cornice.    It has evidently been repaired by the Turks.    The inside^ howevers preserves the Byzantine work.    It is in twenty-four concave apartments pierced by twelve windows^ of which those facing the west cross arm of the church are blind*    As the original west window still shows from the inside, though built ups it would appear that the gynecaeum dome was added after the completion of the main church.   At present the open bay is ceiled by the woodwork that forms the floor of the tribune occupied by the Sultan when he attends worship in the mosque.1    A door in the northern wall of the north bay communicates with the narthex of the north church^ while a door in the eastern wall of the bay gives access to the central church.    Two doors in similar positions in the bay at the south end of the narthex led to buildings which have disappeared.   The three doors leading from the narthex into the church are framed in red marble3 the other doors in white marble.    The main dome of the church is in sixteen compartments, and is pierced by as many windows.   Its arches rest on four shafted columns, somewhat Gothic in char-acter^ and crowned with capitals distinctly Turkish.    These columns have replaced the columns of porphyry, seven feet in circumference3 which Gyllius saw bearing the arches of the dome when he visited the church : * maximum (tectum) sustentatur quatuor columnis pyrrhopoecilis, quarum perimeter habet septem pedes/2    The southern wall is lighted by a triple window in the gable and a row of three windows
1 It is reached by an inclined plane built against the exterior of the south wall of the church,                                                              2 De top. C.P. iv. c. z.